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About Us


Don´s family has a long history of hunting, guns and hunting dogs. From his grandfather raising Hunting Cockers to the German Shorthairs he grew up with. Don Sr. started M-S Safari Outfitters/M-S Safari Arms, this gave Don Jr. even greater access to and a love of hunting especially with dogs.
After a few Labs and Springers he fell in love with a friend´s Brittany. Some 27 years ago, 1985 to be exact, just a kid he would say. That was the birth of Remchester Kennels, now Remchester Brittanys. He sought out and found sound advise through the Arizona Hunting Dog Club, now refered to as The Arizona Pointing Dog Club. This is where he gives credit for the desire to always keep learning. In 1987 he served as club Secretary and published the newsletter. He also developed affiliations with The Greater Phoenix Brittany Club as well as the American Brittany Club and NSTRA. Our favorite venue is the AKC Hunt Test, you either have it or you don´t and every dog can win. Years of field experience and club participation has given Don a keen eye for inate ability and bird sense.

   Wendy was born in Miami Florida where she lived until 7th grade. Her father and mother are Butch and Judy Beaver, a well known custom knife making team. Butch made the knives and Judy is the artist that did the leather work, engraving, scrimshaw and acid etching on the knives. Wendy’s love of animals started at a young age. She had many pets growing up ranging from dogs and cats to larger or more exotic pets like horses and even a wild squirrel. She was very dedicated to her horses and competed in Barrel Racing, Western and English Pleasure, she competed in horse shows with the daughter of Don Shula (Miami Dolphins Head Coach) in the early 70’s. She moved to Arizona with her family in 1976, bringing their horses with them, they settled in New River. Wendy is very artistic and has a plethora of ways to show her talent. Her Pencil art is a gift that can bring out the details of expression in any subject. She enjoys photographing her husband and their dogs at the many dog trials, hunt tests and out in the field. She also likes to pick up a gun once in awhile herself, it makes for healthy competition with Don to see who shoots more birds.

More recently

Since reuniting in 2008 after 28 years apart they were married in 2010 opting to spend their honeymoon doing what they love most QUAIL HUNTING! Aside from the passion they share for the dogs their home is host to 2 Chihuahuas, Geckos, Western Diamondback, a hand tamed Gambels cock, assorted other quail, 7 species of exotic Finches and Racing & Rolling pigeons. Hunting is a huge part of their lives but they also enjoy traveling, camping, fishing and scuba diving.

Recently Remchester Brittanys was recognized for Gunner´s 4th Place in the Arizona Pointing Dog Club´s High Points Chase in Gun Dog.
Wendy was also deservingly named Sportswoman of the Year.

Remchester Brittanys will soon be Bi Coastal with our new Vacation - Retirement 23.6 acre ranch in the Church Hill Tennessee foothills.

Our newest freaks.

2013 Arizona Pointing Dog Club President
Wendy McNabb!!

Wendy recieves
 Outstanding Contribution
 award 2013 Leadership.

Wendy serves a second term as 2014 Arizona Pointing Dogs Club President. Also newsclub editor.



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